ONLY IN JAPAN: drunk in public

Posted by atomicboyx On Sunday, February 2, 2014 0 comments

Public drunkeness, it's an interesting think in Japan. Drinking and driving are extremely strict on the laws, but being drunk out and about is ok. It's quite common to see people in public, on the train to have an open container of alcohol. Even though it's ok, it still doesn't mean the average person is giving the drinker the stink eye. 

In this picture, an obvious staggering drunk at about 3pm wandered across the intersection direct to the police box across from Kichijoji station. If this were America, the man would be asked to step back and would probably be held in the drunk tank. But here the drunk man starts chatting it up with the police, patting the officer on the shoulder and even leaning on him. Officers reaction? Just chat back with the drunkard. Gotta love Japan!

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