Limited edition cola float soda.

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Limited edition cola float soda. 

I'm always excited to try limited edition unique flavored  drinks and with each season change comes those drinks.

I very much love my ice creams floats, as they are also commonly found on family restaurants or karaoke drink menus. As per my usuall purchase of special drinks I took this one home with high expectations. This company had previously released some really good special flavored drinks, such as the sakuranbo (cherry) soda. 

When I opened this bottle you could smell a creamy flavor to the soda, which if it's a float I would hope had the smell. The smell was just right, not to powerful and natural (enough). 

Now for the taste, the first gulp seemed a tad sweet, but after seemed to become neutral. For the cola float flavor, it came out not bad but not good. It was a very non-memorable drinking experience. I was hoping for more of a creamy icecream tast but it wasn't there. Other float style sodas like the 'melon' float were quite tasty. For this cola float soda, if it were a take it or leave it, I'd just leave it.

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