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Posted by atomicboyx On Tuesday, March 16, 2010 1 comments

えー!これなに?! G-MEN MAGAZINE @G_menJP put a Gaijin 外国人on next months cover, but hes ugly as fuck! If he was hot OK, but hes NOT! G-men has had foreigners featured inside some of its photo spreads in many issues in the past, and they have been the G-men, gachiガチ, beefy hot types to expect from G-men magazine, but apparently they are doing some feature about Australia in it for their issue 170 special release. The cover model is NOT the style of G-men and the guy isn't even hot! The model type should be more of a BADI magazine model. I think personally think G-men should re shoot a more G-men appropriate cover model before this issue is released!!

What do you think, is the guy hot, or did G-men fuck up this time?

Below is the issue description:



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Tyrell Blackburn said...

Yeah, I'm Australian, but agree that this guy has no place in G-Men. Then again I'm not exactly the typical G-Men audience, so I can't speak for them.

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