J-GAY MOVIE: Black Lizard くろとかげ KUROTOKAGE

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I am currently doing research for a presentation in my University, Japan: youth and deviant culture class. I am doing my presentation on modern Japanese gay society. While researching the view of gays in television and print media I found out about Akihiro Miwa 美輪 明宏 a famous singer and drag queen who has been famous since the 1960's even appearing presently on television as tarento who apparently had had a love affair with famous writer, Yukio Mishima
三島 由紀夫. This man who just oozes sexuality. 

This movie is in Tokyo in the late groovy 1960's. We are introduced to
Mrs. Midorikawa, played by Miwa, the woman behind this decadent club where a detective happend to be invited to that evening. As the plot unfolds you have the detectives work intertwined with that of Midorikawa, reveled to be the Black Lizard and a transvestite.Also at one point The Black Lizard shares a kiss with Yukio Mishima! He is such a sexy man!

The character of Miwa is so overly dramatic is such a good gay campy diva way, you want to cheer for her to get the boy at the end of the movie. I havent seen such a campy but excellent movie is such a long time. Apparently it has not been released as a DVD, and only available in 1992 as a VHS release.

Rating: ★★★

Luckily i have found the whole movie avalable on youtube! Check it out below and tell me what you think! 

YUKIO MISHIMA - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukio_Mishima


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