FASHION: how much?

Posted by atomicboyx On Thursday, September 2, 2010 1 comments

I found refuge in the Mens Isetan store in Shinjuku trying to escape the heat. I wandered around looking at the fashion that i could not fit into, but it was pretty and i was cooled off. I was checking out this vintage style burnt orange fall jacket, but the got slapped in the face witht he posted price. The cost of the jacket is almost 70,000yen. That is the cost of my rent right now! I don't understand how so many young people are able to go shopping here, the prices are insane.

Do you think its reasonable, or am i just being crazy?

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Kris said...

they're able to buy those clothes because many of them live with their parents so don't have to pay for any rent or food etc. I have a jguy friend who is almost 35 and buys 150,000yen shirts, he lives at his parents house and basically uses his whole paycheck for fun.
It's not uncommon...

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