FOOD SPOT: Amazing half priced apples

Posted by atomicboyx On Tuesday, September 28, 2010 1 comments

These apples are amazing! So juicy and delicious, but expensive as hell! Regular price for one of these is 358yen! But are they worth it, I say yes. If you notice, they are all individually wrapped and surrounded with a protective foam. What makes them even better is when they are on sale! They were Half price this day i took the picture, and they had only 4 left! So i picked them all up.

For living in japan on a budget, food is the #1 thing that will drain you of your money from every day life.  If you are like me, and have a very limited Japanese vocabulary and even more limited view of Kanji recognition, then i suggest this one kanji you learn. Its the kanji for "Half" or "Han" "はん, 半. You will see these stickers on many food items, usually in the evening starting around 8pm. Discount stickers range from 3% and on up, using the roman numerals, but many use the "Han" half price kanji for the 50% marker.

So when visiting, or living in japan on a budget, look for these symbols, and be assured you will have more free money to play UFO catchers like I do!

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Ido said...

Just dropping for a quick comment, isn't the 音読み generally in カタカナ?

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