FOOD SPOT: Meruhen Sandwhich House, Returns to Kichijoji

Posted by atomicboyx On Thursday, September 30, 2010 1 comments

In Kichijoji, the former LON LON shopping mall has now re-opened as the lavish Atré. Brick styled walls, and faux flickering candle like light bulbs, it is a very big step up from its previous incarnation. There were many new additions to the store lineups but I am happy to say my favorite sandwich shop has come back! Meruhen Sandwhich House [Mächen] has returned to the same spot, and for its re-opening they were offering a sweet lunch bag deal. Purchase the 3 sandwich set, which included a katsu sandwich, egg salad sandwich and a oranges & whip cream dessert sandwich. Also you get the bear bag for free. For the bag they had about 5 options between black/white, black/pink & tan/brown color combinations. I chose the more earth colored one. I love the branding of the bear on everything, with his content smile eating up that sandwich. The bear is even on the ice pack that they give every time you buy sandwiches.

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Ido said...

lol a place called fairy tales! (märchen is fairy tales in German).

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