FOOD SPOT: Quina Taco Rice in Kichijoji

Posted by atomicboyx On Sunday, September 5, 2010 0 comments

Since I work in Kichijoji, i try to find new places to eat. Sometimes it can actually be difficult when looking for a variety of food because so much is the same in many places. Quina give a little change to the standard with their Taco Rice. Now this isnt simply Mexican style taco meat on rice because Japanese Taco Rice apparently has its origins coming from Okinawa and is spiced up by using soy sauce mirin and sake.

Quina is located in Kichijoji in the Sun Road shopping area. Its a little hidden among the small standing bars on the outskirts of the Sun Road shotengai. You will have to enter from the left side to a tiny counter and place your order. Every month they have a new special dish which for September the are including Chorizo! Sounds tasty, but considering the price it is actually worth it, especially those who have the spicy meat craving I get.

The place it tiny and seats about 18 people, but its got a slightly retro and casual vibe. When visiting the west side of Tokyo, Kichijoji is a great place to stop off for a meal to enjoy.


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