FOOD SPOT: Cream Watermelon

Posted by atomicboyx On Thursday, September 23, 2010 1 comments

Browsing the fruit section at the local Seiyu store, i came across this "Cream Watermelon" クリームすいか. For me this was the first time i had seen a yellow watermelon, especially one name CREAM. I wasnt able to buy it at that time because i was heading out, not home after. When I returned a few days later there were no more Cream watermelons available. Maybe next year i can see how they taste.

According to wikipidia, they are sweeter, more like honey... im intrigued!
Yellow Crimson Watermelon: variety of watermelon that has a yellow colored flesh. This particular type of watermelon has been described as "sweeter" and more "honey" flavored than the more popular red flesh watermelon
Have you ever heard or eaten this variety of watermelon before?

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kayce. said...

they definitely taste more like honey... when i worked at the ritz, we got in some baby yellows ~ baby fruit always has a more concentrated, sweeter flavor ~ and they tasted extremely floral, too. the intensity of flavor ranges depending on the type/quality, and may take a little getting used to, but they're definitely worth trying.

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