ONLY IN JAPAN: New comedy webseries "English Teachers"

Posted by atomicboyx On Saturday, September 18, 2010 1 comments

"English Teachers" a new webseries taking on what it is to be an English Teacher in an Eikaiwa in Japan. It has the weird quirky cast, and of course the awkward guy who seems will falls for the new hot girl. It feels rough around the edges and a bit cliché, but i think it has potential to be good. I havent come across anything like this, taking on a comedy actually set in Japan. The film quality and direction is high quality for it being a web series too. The Guild started off as a lower budgeted, and a little more rough than this series, so if they can grab an audience, as well as sponsor money to keep it going, im willing to stick around for more. Check out the videos below, do you think you will stick around for more?

Also, the "Be Yes" company name didn't click until the end of the episode, soft lulz.

Meet the teachers:

The main character is also Jonathan Sherr who starred in My Darling Foreigner / Darling wa Gaikokujin with Mao Inoue famous for starring in Hana yori Dango.


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kayce. said...

i really like it! like you said, it can be a bit over-the-top, but it seems like an interesting topic ~ one i know nothing about ~ so that makes it a win for me.

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