OTAKU MOMENT: Katsuhiro Otomo @ Kichijoji

Posted by atomicboyx On Thursday, September 23, 2010 2 comments

The creator of the famous Anime and Manga known as Akira, Katsuhiro Otomo has created a highly deatiled illustration for the grand re-opening of the mall in Kichijoji station, Atré.

Theimage portrays a fashionable young gal wearing a hat covered in bits of Kichijoji culture. There are a few arches depicting Naka=mich, Sun Road and Penny Lane, all which are the main shopping streets in the area. Also the food and drinks because Kichijoji is known for a very large selesction of resturants and bars. Another cute reference point is the Swan Boat. This is from the Inokashira park where it has a famous urban legend about the pond in which couples can rent this boat. It is said that couples who ride these swan boats will shortly break up. And if you havent noticed, the random pieces of clutter on her hat make up the name "Kichijoji".

There are many of these posters, and even larger ones posted around the area. I would love to get my hands on one but they are well protected. Luckily there are hand outs at the Atré that have this image on the cover. Would you be interested in having one of these as a poster? I might be inclined to give some away if people are interested. Leave a comment below.


kayce. said...

i definitely am, if you're willing to ship to the u.s. otherwise, it's still a cool freebie. :)

Greg Narvasa said...

well i think maybe ill make a youtube video and do a giveaway thing, ill send you one too!

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