UFO CATCHER GET! - Rilakkuma Cooking Pan

Posted by atomicboyx On Thursday, September 30, 2010 0 comments

You might have seen a previous post i have done about the Rilakkuma Halloween candy buckets. Going to the game center, I had to wait while another person failed at getting one, so my BF and I played another catcher. My BF tried winning this pan first. He moved it good in two moves, but then got stuck and wasted a lot of money on it, and still couldn't get it. I told him to step aside, I popped in 200yen and GET!

Rilakkuma is celebrating the 7th anniversary this year, and they keep cranking out so many prices for the Game centers. While I love Rilakkuma, i would like to see more new characters released into the UFO catchers.

While this pan is small, and isnt great for practical cooking, it is the perfect size for hotcakes! Rilakkuma LOVES hotcakes!!

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