OTAKU MOMENT: Cat Shit One manga & anime

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 The used book store Book-Off has a so many off the wall manga available. Thumbing through shelf after shelf looking for a cool new series to pick up on the cheap is kind of fun to so during my off time. One such manga I found is called Cat Shit One. The name alone is amazing, and that its all about war with little fuzzy animals!

Cat Shit One 80 Manga Found in Book-Off for 105yen

One thing I found out, that the reason the US soldiers are rabbits is because in Japanese USAGI is rabbit and taking the first part USA for United States of America. Interesting right?

This past July a CG animated series started in Japan. It is slightly off setting due to the fact that its very realistic in its rendering and movement, but they are cute fuzzy animals. Check out the preview and the first full episode below and tell me what you think of the fuzzy violence.



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